This is not a traditional backpacking trip; you will experience Africa in a profound way.

Gambia is the smallest country in Africa and the best choice for travelers who want to venture into the heart of West Africa. It is a country with very few tourists and a very friendly and hospitable population.

We will delve into Gambia’s main and most important local markets.

Although it has only 80 kilometers of coastline, they are magnificent: golden beaches protected by palm trees and dotted with spectacular lagoons, peaceful fishing villages, and coastal reserves with rich flora and fauna.

Gambia boasts a diverse wildlife, with over 600 species of birds, manatees, hippos, crocodiles, and groups of clever colobus monkeys. It has some marvels, from a chimpanzee reserve on an island to the ruins of a 17th-century British fortress. But the greatest treasure is its warm population, living up to the nickname of the “smiling coast of Africa.”

Mapa de África

We will reach the smile of Africa and we will notice it through the heat, colors and smells. We will meet the trip leader and be transferred to the hotel.

Check in, briefing with the trip leader and presentation of the itinerary and rest.

Breakfast at the hotel, visit to Arch 22.

We will visit the Katchikally Crocodile Pool park, and the Museum of traditions,

We will take a walk through Serrekunda Market, it is one of the largest and busiest markets in The Gambia. It is located in the city of Serrekunda, which is the largest city in the country. This market is a lively and bustling place where local residents and visitors can shop for a wide variety of products, from fresh food to crafts and clothing.

We will take the opportunity to shop for African fabrics to make costumes or souvenirs, supporting the local Yankuba Saidi project.

We will travel in the direction of Kartong, a town in the South Kombo region of the Gambia. Although it is a relatively small area,

It is located near the coast, and there are beautiful, quiet beaches in the area. You could enjoy a relaxing day on the beach, exploring the coastline is a Kartong Nature Reserve a protected area that is home to a variety of flora and fauna. You can observe birds, butterflies and other animals that live in the area.

We are in front of Casamance Senegal. We leave in the direction of Gunjur. Located near the bustling fishing center of Gunjur, this mosque has a rich history. In 2010, former President A.J.J. Jammeh commissioned the construction of an impressive new mosque, replacing the smaller original structure. The Gunjur Sand Mosque is not just a place of worship; It also serves as a center for community activities. One of its notable functions is that of a school. Children gather here to receive instruction in English and Arabic. This educational initiative aims to provide access to quality education, especially for those children whose parents may have difficulty supporting their learning. This day we will cover our shoulders and ankles to enter this religious place with respect.

Desayuno en el hotel , salida hacia el mercado   disfrutaremos de la experiencia de sumergirnos en la vida local. Las experiencias pueden variar, así que siempre es útil estar abiertos a la improvisación y a las sorpresas que el mercado pueda ofrecer.Es conocido por su ambiente animado y bullicioso

El Bijilo Forest Park se encuentra en la costa atlántica de Gambia, cerca de la localidad de Bijilo y al sur de la capital, Banjul.

Es un área natural que combina bosques, dunas de arena y acceso a la playa. La zona está llena de vegetación y es hogar de diversas especies de aves, monos y otras formas de vida silvestre.

Atardecer en  Tanji  una localidad costera en Gambia y es conocida principalmente por su actividad pesquera. un escenario vibrante y pintoresco. Barcos de colores brillantes se mecen suavemente en las aguas, mientras los pescadores, con su destreza ancestral, traen consigo el tesoro del Atlántico. La esencia misma de Tanji se encuentra en este ballet pesquero, donde las redes danzan al ritmo de las mareas, narrando historias de tradición y sustento.

Ida Cham Born in Gambia, shortly before her country became independent from the United Kingdom, into a family with limited economic resources, Ida was one of two of the five sisters who had the opportunity to study at home.

In 1988 she graduated in Tourism and Hospitality at West London College. Upon her return to The Gambia, she began working in one of the country’s best-known hotels, first as a food and beverage coordinator, then as public relations and marketing managers.

Also in 2013, Ida Cham founded Yabouy Charity, a non-profit entity, focused on improving the lives of women in the communities around Brufut, a town located on the west coast of the Gambia, through different actions in economic, social and environmental matters.

She will give us a traditional cooking class, an activity to support the local community that will allow us to carry out an impressive cultural immersion.

Her company motto is

“Preserving my culture to promote sustainable tourism.”

Hotel breakfast, we head to an incredible place, an environment of incredible mangroves, this Lamin Lodge is an ideal place for bird watching and the appreciation of nature. The mangroves are home to a variety of birds, including pelicans, herons and kingfishers.

We will live a great experience in the Brikama market, a vibrant melting pot of colors, sounds and culture in the heart of the Gambia. This market, like a constantly changing canvas, invites you to immerse yourself in the very essence of local life.

It is a 500-hectare natural ecological reserve that extends over 5 miles along the Mandina Bolong, a branch of the Gambia River. It covers 5 tropical natural systems: gallery forest, savanna, mangroves, palm forest and swamp.

Here we will learn the importance of natural medicines for the locals, we will get closer to their rituals, and we will sail to see an island with Baboons in their natural habitat.

This day is for you, so you can charge your batteries for the next day of travel to the interior of the country.

Take your time, we will be located at the hotel available to organize all the activities you want to do.

We get up early to travel to Kuntaur, we leave behind our red land, about 4 hours by car await us, we will give way to green, to the most genuine and rural

Responsable tourism. Zambezi HippoWelcome to Kuntaur, a treasure on the banks of the Gambia River that exudes the essence of Gambian authenticity. Framed by the serene waters of the river and adorned with the constant dance of the breeze, Kuntaur is a gem that fuses history, nature and hospitality in a single warm embrace.

Embarking on a river safari is entering a wildlife tale: birds dancing in the skies, hippos poking their curious heads, and crocodiles gliding in the calm waters.

The nearby islands, dotted in the Gambia River, are oases of biodiversity.

Check in lodge in Kassagne in a refuge that combines the rustic charm of the African village with modern comforts. Here you will find a retreat where natural beauty is complemented by the convenience of electricity and pristine water, ensuring a harmonious fusion of authenticity and comfort.

Upon entering Kassagne, prepare to be enveloped by the warmth of the community, the vibrant colors of the landscape and the genuine hospitality that defines the true essence of Africa. This is more than a lodge; It is a gateway to an immersive journey where cultural richness and natural splendor intertwine effortlessly.

Region migratory birds, possibility of canoeing, cycling and much more.

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Payment is made in three installments. A 10% deposit to guarantee your spot (refundable up to 30 days before departure in case of cancellation).

A second payment of 60% after establishing the WhatsApp group and video call with the trip coordinators.

The third payment is made by bank transfer up to 60 days before the start of the trip. You can also choose to pay the entire trip in a single payment.


  • Accommodation and transportation throughout the trip.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Transportation in a van or adapted minibus.
  • Private room accommodation with breakfast and dinner.
  • Spanish-speaking guide.
  • The driver.
  • All excursions mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Activities detailed in the itinerary and visits to organizations and projects.
  • Management and design expenses for the route.
  • Assistance before and during the trip.
  • Bottled water.
  • It is important to mention that all our hotels offer private rooms, not shared.


  • Roundtrip flights (SPAIN-BANJUL).
  • Unspecified meals and beverages.
  • €20 entry fees and €20 departure fees for Gambia.
  • Excursions and activities not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Tips and souvenirs.
  • Anything not mentioned in the previous section.
  • Travel insurance (mandatory).

Flights will be purchased once the group departure is confirmed (if it reaches the minimum number of trip participants), and you will be notified via WhatsApp or email.

We will give you complete freedom of choice in case you want to stay a few more days. It’s up to you!


  • Passport valid for at least 6 months after the trip’s return.

  • No mandatory vaccinations are required for the countries we will visit.

  • No visa is required to enter Gambia by air, but upon arrival, you must pay €20 in cash, the same amount applies for leaving the country.

Essential requirements (very important to read this section):

  • We apply our values during the trips, which include patience, assertiveness, and empathy.

  • Promote coexistence within the group to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

  • Be receptive and have a respectful attitude towards the group/guides, the local population, and the country in general.

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