Spiritual Retreat - KÉRÉ Island

Retiro Isla KÉRÉ

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This spiritual retreat will be located on Kéré Island, the perfect place where we will practice yoga every morning, meditation, forest walks, and connect with nature.

We have included yoga teachers, a chef who will prepare delicious healthy meals for us, and the Tamala Tours travel leader will always be available to organize all the daily activities.


Arrival in Guinea-Bissau, welcome dinner, and briefing with the group.

Hotel breakfast, direct boat to Kéré Island. We settle in the private Kéré ecoresort on the islet.

Yoga, meditation – program to be defined.

Yoga, meditation – program to be defined.

Meditation in the sacred forest of Bixau, village walk, monkey sightings, and volunteering at a school in the traditional village of Anipoc in the afternoon. Lunch at the school.

Yoga, meditation – program to be defined.

Morning practice of Bakthi yoga, Karma Yoga, and afternoon visit to the Ampintcha village to observe seafood harvesting and the work of the “great women,” pillars of their community – visit to the school and health center.

Hotel breakfast, private boat to Kéré – Bissau – Farewell lunch in Quinhamel.

Hotel breakfast, shopping, return flight to Lisbon.

Kéré Island Retreat - Guinea-Bissau

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Reasons to come with Tamala to the Kéré retreat

Kéré is an island located in the Bijagós-Guinea-Bissau archipelago, where the group will be based. The island is pristine and completely paradisiacal, with only one ecoresort. Here, surrounded by the sea, we feel like we are alone on this island. We will have yoga classes, meditation, forest walks, and from here we will take different boat tours to explore the archipelago, which has over 80 islands. Kéré is a hidden paradise that you won’t find in travel agencies, a true gem where time stands still. We will have all our meals with fresh and healthy options.

The location offers a balance between relaxation, rest, meditation, cultural immersion, and adventure in a unique and exotic environment.

The tour is led by Ivandro, a native of Guinea-Bissau who speaks Spanish as he has been living in Spain for 14 years. He will show you his country in an authentic way and convey the tranquility and richness of his homeland.

Vanessa, another travel leader, will also accompany you to ensure that no detail is missed. She is involved in cooperation projects in different African countries and will fulfill her humanitarian missions on this trip.

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