Sri Lanka

In Sanskrit, Sri Lanka means ‘Resplendent Land,’ and in Tamil, we believe it does justice to this wonderful place.

We are going to explore this Resplendent Land intensively, visiting the most representative places on the island and interacting with its inhabitants. It’s a journey that offers the perfect balance between nature and culture, relaxation and adventure.

During this trip, we will experience the history and wildlife of Sri Lanka up close and authentically.

Furthermore, we will appreciate spirituality through temple visits and rituals. We will visit sacred sites of great importance to Buddhism, enjoy Ayurvedic treatments, and stay in boutique accommodations for a perfect connection with yourself.

Territorio del tour por Sri Lanka con Tamala Tours

Arrival on the paradise island of Sri Lanka (Bandaranaike International Airport).

A warm welcome from the travel representative and your driver.

Arrival at the incredible Ayurveda resort HOTEL**** for check-in, where our well-being journey will begin. Our hotel features an incredible, relaxed terrace by the gentle waters of the Hamilton Canal in Negombo.

Dinner at the hotel and briefing with the trip leaders.

Breakfast at the hotel. We invite you to immerse yourself in traditional and ancient Ayurvedic treatments in a peaceful and silent environment, or simply enjoy the surroundings by taking a canoe ride, participating in a yoga class, or getting a massage. There will also be an option to take a city tour.

We wake up to a beautiful morning in Negombo. We will be staying here for 2 days.

We enjoy a colorful buffet breakfast at the hotel and then head to Sigiriya.

The journey from Negombo to Sigiriya is a 4-hour private bus ride, with a lunch stop along the way.

We climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress (optional, 3-4 hours). A friendly local tells us that Sigiriya Rock Fortress is a must-visit on a vacation in Sri Lanka, and we believe they are absolutely right.

At the top of the rock, we encounter the Sigiriya Maidens painted by the artists of King Kashyapa. Enjoy delicious cuisine at local restaurants and end the day with a peaceful walk through the dancing rice fields. We return to the hotel, reflecting on the adventures we have experienced and those that lie ahead.

Dinner at the hotel.

After breakfast at the magnificent 4-star EKHO hotel, we visit Minneriya National Park, primarily known for its incredible elephant migration, which is one of the best wildlife experiences in Asia. During the drier months from June to September, up to 300 elephants gather around the ancient Minneriya water tank (dating back to the 3rd century BC) in Minneriya National Park, taking advantage of the receding waters that provide an important water source.

Experience traditional village life on this private tour. We set off in a tuk-tuk and head to the village. Accompanied by a guide, we take a bullock cart ride, admire the views on a catamaran ride on a reservoir, observe local wildlife, participate in a cooking lesson with a local villager, and enjoy a special traditional lunch.

NIGHT SAFARI: It is highly likely that we will encounter slender lorises, ring-tailed civets, crocodiles, forest wagtails (diabolical bird/owl), and many more wild animals.

Dinner at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel, and we continue our journey to Kandy. During the journey to Kandy, we stop at Dambulla and visit the cave temple.

We visit Sri Lanka’s most sacred place, the Temple of the Tooth, which houses the relics of Lord Buddha’s tooth. It is the real Buddha relic! We listen to the gentle chants, admire inspiring artifacts, and encounter warm-hearted people, all while feeling the relaxing ambiance of a peaceful night.

We return peacefully from this sacred place.

Check-in at a 4/5-star boutique hotel.

Delicious dinner at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel, and we head to Nuwara Eliya, the mountainous region. We learn about the world-famous gem-making process in Sri Lanka, visit craft shops, and see handmade batik. We make stops to admire the views and have a meal (not included). Then, we continue our journey to Ella. We will take the train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella (if unavailable, we will use a private minibus), experiencing one of the most beautiful train rides in the world.

Prepare yourself for the breathtaking sights your eyes will behold. Check-in at our incredible 5-star hotel, Mountain Heavens Resort!

Breakfast at the charming Mountain Heavens Resort! After the enriching train journey the previous day, we are in for a rewarding stay at one of the best locations in beautiful Ella. Mountain Heavens Resort is blessed with a carefully chosen view bestowed by nature itself. Strategically located on the right side of the hotel is the mighty Ella Rock, bearing witness to the great Hindu epic, the Ramayana, while Little Adam’s Peak on the left offers its beautiful view. Both are so close that you might want to touch them, and undoubtedly, the grand Ella Gap will panoramically balance with its spectacular view all the way to the southern coast. You can also enjoy the legendary Ravana Falls (famous from the Ramayana) as they majestically cascade down the rocky wall, all from the hotel itself, surrounded by unparalleled peace and tranquility.

Dinner with stunning views at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel, and we continue our journey to the incredible Yala National Park.

As we venture into the dense forests and vast grasslands teeming with wildlife in Yala, we experience a range of sensations. The safari experience in Yala is truly one of a kind, where you can spot wildlife up close and personal in an exciting way. Yala conceals many caves containing centuries-old cave paintings, adding an air of mystery to the park.

We will witness marvelous wildlife moments during our 4×4 jeep safari.

Check-in at the hotel, and enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner under the stars.

Breakfast at the hotel, and we head to Bentota. A trip to Sri Lanka is incomplete without a visit to the golden sandy beaches of Paradise Island, and Bentota’s stretch of beach along the lagoon is the epitome of that.

As you take a sip of the local punch, you realize that Bentota is truly a paradise. You see the waves breaking on the shore and the sun shining on the sandy beach. Yes, that’s why you should visit this tropical island of beauty to create memories that will last a lifetime!

You can choose to relax or visit the Weherahena Temple (a well-known temple spread over three acres with a huge Buddha statue and tunnels filled with paintings).

Visit the old town of Galle.

Rest and relaxation.

We have chosen the idyllic hotel to complete our adventure and will have a farewell dinner with the entire group.

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport.

How can I book?

Payment is made in three installments. A 10% deposit to guarantee your spot (refundable up to 30 days before departure in case of cancellation).

A second payment of 60% after establishing the WhatsApp group and video call with the trip coordinators.

The third payment is made by bank transfer up to 60 days before the start of the trip. You can also choose to pay the entire trip in a single payment.

Why doesn't it include flights?

We do not include flights in order to offer you the best price, as it includes boutique accommodations, excursions, transfers, and the mentioned meals throughout the tour.

When you decide to travel and join the tour with Tamala Tours, we will assist you in finding the best flight prices. Including flights at this moment would involve estimating the cost, which may be lower due to airline offers. Moreover, Tamala Tours welcomes clients from all over the world, so it is beneficial to have the flexibility to choose the flight and start our adventure at the destination. Many of you may want to stay a few extra days or continue to another destination.


  • Accommodation and transportation throughout the trip
  • Airport transfers
  • Private car for transportation on the island
  • Van or minibus transportation
  • River transportation
  • Private room accommodation with breakfast and dinner for all days
  • Mentioned yoga sessions
  • Mentioned meals
  • Mentioned excursions (except Yala Park)
  • Spanish-speaking and English-proficient guide
  • Local driver and guide accompanying us
  • Management and design costs of the itinerary
  • Assistance before and during the trip
  • Bottled water
  • Highlighted boutique accommodations chosen for your comfort throughout the tour
  • Photographic report as a memento of this adventure


  • Roundtrip international flights (we will assist you with booking)
  • Unspecified meals and drinks
  • Excursions and activities not mentioned in the itinerary
  • All entrance fees (to be purchased on-site)
  • Tips and souvenirs
  • Anything not mentioned in the previous section
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)

Flights will be purchased once the group departure is confirmed (if it reaches the minimum number of trip participants), and you will be notified via WhatsApp or email.

We will give you complete freedom of choice in case you want to stay a few more days. It’s up to you!

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months after the trip’s return.

  • No mandatory vaccinations are required for the countries we will visit.

Essential requirements (very important to read this section):

  • We apply our values during the trips, which include patience, assertiveness, and empathy.

  • Promote coexistence within the group to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

  • Be receptive and have a respectful attitude towards the group/guides, the local population, and the country in general.

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