Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the ideal trip for me?

Our trips are adventurous and culturally immersive, especially for those who enjoy having fun in a relaxed environment. It’s important to note that unforeseen circumstances, including weather-related issues, may occur. In case of bad weather, we have alternative plans prepared, but it’s important for travelers to value flexibility, as we cannot guarantee the absence of rain, slightly rough seas, or cloudy skies. With that said, we recommend informing any friends or family members you invite about this possibility, as we want to ensure the well-being and positive atmosphere of the group.

What type of accommodation do we have on Tamala tours?

At Tamala, we don’t offer alternative or backpacker-style trips, so you will always have your own private room in boutique hotels, often 4 or 5-star establishments, depending on the location. You can check the details of these dream hotels on our website or our Instagram page.

What if Tamala cancels the trip?

If TAMALA cancels the trip, we offer subscribers three options: refund of the paid amount, rescheduling for a new date, or the possibility to use it for another destination or as credit for future trips. If it is the traveler who cancels, the terms and conditions apply.

Who will I be traveling with on this trip?

You will always be accompanied by a travel leader who speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English, and we are always accompanied by local guides. TAMALA strives to work with local people to promote their growth, so we try to ensure that the guides are locals.

You will be accompanied by fellow travelers who are traveling solo, as couples, with their families, of different ages, but we all share the same passion for travel. We guarantee fun and the opportunity to make more than one friend by the end of this adventure.

How do we meet up with the travel leader?

TAMALA TOURS and the travel leader keep track of flight details and schedules for all travelers. If you are on a different flight but arrive at the same time or earlier than the majority of the group, you can wait at the airport, and we will provide transfer to the accommodation together. If you arrive later, we will coordinate your pickup.

What day should we arrive at the destination and depart from it?

You should arrive at your destination on the start day of the tour (as stated on the website) and schedule your return for the end day, or you can choose to stay a few more days if you wish. It is common, especially for more distant destinations, to have to depart the day before to arrive at the destination on the start day of the trip.

I don't have a flight on the day the tour starts. Can I arrive earlier?

Of course, you can arrive earlier, but you will be on your own until you meet the travel leader and the group at the hotel on the tour’s start day. If you wish, you can also stay for additional days after the TAMALA tour ends.

What role do travel leaders play?

The travel leader is the person who will accompany you throughout the trip, ensuring you can enjoy the destination in a more relaxed manner. The purpose of the travel leader is to take care of all the logistics so that you don’t have to worry about accommodation, transportation, meals, and activities. At the same time, it is the travel leader’s responsibility to introduce the country and its culture to the group, creating a fun and respectful atmosphere among travelers. They will be a friend who is always available to help if needed. Even on the days when we have free time for relaxation, we will be sitting at a table working in a designated location, so you can always reach us to resolve any doubts and assist you with whatever you need.

Mass tourism or RESPONSIBLE tourism?

At TAMALA TOURS, we always prioritize responsible tourism and avoid overcrowding. We strive to have a positive impact on the local community. We never engage in activities that involve exploiting animals for money. If we visit a natural park, we ensure it is a respectful and responsible place. Those who know us are already aware of our approach, but we believe it is important to inform everyone. For example, with us, you won’t be able to visit the Tarsier (an endangered animal) in the Philippines because there is no place where it can be done without compromising their well-being.

I have a health issue. Can I travel with TAMALA TOURS?

All travelers are welcome on our trips. However, if you have a health issue that may limit you physically, we recommend contacting us before making a reservation so we can provide advice or recommend a trip that we believe is more suitable for you.

What meals are included?

Breakfast is included in all our trips and typically consists of juices, milk, coffee, bread, eggs, fruits, etc. (please check the specific details on each tour). Most meals are included, although it may vary depending on the country or the location where we are staying. Any meals not included are usually at local rates in the destination.

I have dietary restrictions. What can I do?

We always try our best to accommodate vegetarian meals when possible and if the traveler requests it. However, options for individuals with gluten-free restrictions are more limited, so we recommend bringing some food with you in that case.

Is travel insurance mandatory?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for any TAMALA tour. You can purchase it online or through your trusted agency.


Please inquire in advance, and we will provide you with information on the required procedures.


We recommend consulting with your primary care physician or vaccination center well in advance of your trip. None of our destinations have mandatory vaccination requirements, but some may be recommended.

We hope we have answered your questions. If you have any further inquiries, please contact us via WhatsApp by clicking here or through our email form by clicking here.